Greenbelt Maps

If you want to find where the greenbelts are, this page is for you.

Greenbelt Maps

There is a useful map of greenbelts in England on the Daily Telegraph site.

The CPRE/Natural England report Greenbelts  in England; a greener future has a lot of information about each of the English greenbelts as well as maps of each one.

England: By far the best mapping for local areas is on the defra magic site:

You will need to “drill down” into the map to get to the greenbelt areas. The source is:

Designations/Land-Based Designations/Non-statutory folder in the Table of Contents.

This site also maps National Parks, AONB, SSI and a host of other designations some statutary some not.  This is also useful for Scotland and Wales.

Scotland has a very useful map of the greenspaces in the country.:  The greenbelts are:

  • Aberdeen 
  • Greater Glasgow 
  • Ayr and Prestwick 
  • Clackmannanshire 
  • Edinburgh
  • East Lothian and Midlothian 
  • Falkirk and Grangemouth 
  • Stirling

A further three Green Belts have been established in Structure Plans, around Perth, St. Andrews and Dunfermline.

Wales: The Newport Cardiff proposals are mapped in the Cardiff Structure plan:… · PDF file